GBB Trade (Pfann-GBB)

Pfann-GBB is the wholesale for all those who are professionally working with the manufacture of stained glass, Tiffany, glass-fusing and glass art objects. We look forward to welcoming you in our office in Tilburg, or contact wholesale Pfann.

We do not sell to individuals, we would like to refer you to our customers.

Stained glass wholesale

The technique of creating stained glass already exists hundreds of years. Usually colored or stained mouth-blown glass is cut according to a specific pattern or drawing. Then the glass pieces are put in a an H-shape and soldered with tin lead profiles (usually alloy 60/40). To make a stained glass panel waterproof kit is applied between the H-profile and the glass. If necessary, for added strength a stained glass panel can be filled with steel cores. This is possible using steel lead (the steel core is then processed in the lead profile) or by soldering the (galvanized) steel core on a stained glass panel.


Fusing glass together in a glass furnace is a very old technique, it was invented more than 4000 years ago. during the fusing process various pieces of glass, usually of different color, are fused together in a glass furnace. Fusing takes place in a glass furnace with top heating. One uses colored glass plates from which patterns are cut. Then the patterns are melted to a flat plate. The process of fusing glass can take 24-48 hours. In the second instance, the obtained pattern plate will be distorted (slumping or bending). Ultimately the glass will be cooled, polished and sown until it has obtained the desired shape. Very important to the technique is that all glass colors/pieces have the same expansion coefficient, this is indicated by COE (Coefficient Of Expansion). If there’s one type of glass that shrinks more than the other, the fused object will break.

Pfann-GBB delivers glass furnaces and supplies for glass-fusing. This includes, among other things, glass with a controlled COE (coefficient), glass fusing tools and glass-fusing chemicals. In short, Pfann-GBB is your wholesale company for glass-fusing supplies.


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